Friday, 12 August 2011

in the zone

I finally think I hit it...being in the zone during a workout. I got everything I needed to get done in 90 minutes which felt like 15. Then I had a delicious Subway combo. I really want to read more about fitness, so if anyone has a good read for me let me know. I am going to check something out by Gary Taubes if I get the chance. On top of that I think I might have found a trainer that I can jive with, hopefully we'll meet tomorrow and we can get started. The increase from the last weigh-in is not going to get me down I am just going to keep going. Have to update my bloody iPod though...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

unlucky number seven

I write this with (12 grain) bagel in hand...up seven pounds. now I have the (semi) daunting task of losing 49 pounds before the end of the year. Maybe I shouldn't weigh myself at 9pm, but we'll see what tomorrow brings. It's things like this that get people to either

a) give up

b) latch on to some crazy fad diet or

c) give up on their crazy fad diet and then give option B a whirl

dose of optimism: my clothes are fitting better (or is it all in my delusional mind)


so a quick recap of things

monday: was great because I worked out and even ventured into the 'hardcore' side of the gym

tuesday: was stellar because the rain meant that I could easily justify curling up into bed

wednesday: worked out and went for a mini-run, realized that I am not much of a runner, I just enjoy it because its something I can do to music

thursday: worked out again (can't believe I did 6 curls with 35s!); cardio was only until 200 calories but it was because the weight training went so well - i was sweating

right now, I just can't feel full...its killing me...REALLY craving a bagel and a cookie...tomorrow is pay day and I think I am just going to buy a delicious white fish (not tilapia nor basa, maybe haddock) and maybe some coconut water to add to some chocolate protein powder.

get to go to the cottage soon, which means temptation all around me. geez. i'm not ready for this jelly.

another fat habit I have to get over is weighing myself outside of doing it once a week. If I'm an ounce lighter I'm getting the bagel. I'm too weak for this.

Monday, 8 August 2011

fear and respecting in las vegas

I am always feeling guilty and starting to think that food is the enemy. Battled hunger pangs after work until I gave in and bought some fish. Sugar free candy could be the one thing standing in my way, too bad it is so delicious. Thinking about making a video, but we'll see - I actually got the nerve to charge the camera. Made a mistake at work, and took responsibility and got chewed out. People, if 'fear' and 'respect' are synonyms in your world, I feel sorry for you. Anyway, going to keep hitting the gym, but this 300 calorie thing might not work for me. I keep wanting to do more. The 'To Do' list keeps getting longer, e-mails getting cluttered. Personal trainer has yet to respond, so I guess I'll make that my excuse just for a little longer. About this time 2 years ago I was upset about going away for a week and coming back 5lbs under my current goal weight - ah the stench of retroactive stupidity.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

reminder #2

compare yourself only to the person you have to answer to when you're looking in the mirror. (How's that for philosophical reasoning?)

weekend update (kinda)

Good weekend - did my 300 calorie burn on the elliptical both today and yesterday. Wanted to keep going but I got off and stopped. This weekend was terrible for sleep, but I did get to see a whole bunch of movies (will do a quick review of them later) and now I am planning out the filming of my H4H3 video. I am trying to figure out what my goal for October 31st should be. I have 42lbs to lose by the end of the year in 15 weeks. My buddies rent a cottage every summer and that's coming and I really can't afford to let that be a blip in my plan, so I will have to come up with a game plan. I actually got in the kitchen and made seared scallops and a jalapeno goat cheese and pecan raspberry salad. Not sure if that's what it would be called in a restaurant, but it was good. Tonight was halibut steak with pickled mushrooms. The mushrooms were gross and halibut doesn't taste the same broiled as it does when its deep fried in batter and served to you by a Scotsman, so I will have to stay in Tilapialand for the time being. Wanted to make protein shakes - no blender. Gotta get on that. I think October 31st is kinda half way to New Year's Eve from now so I will make my goal to lose 10kg (22ish pounds) by Halloween. Still haven't heard anything from the trainers I e-mailed. Here's hoping I wont stay up watching Biggest Loser reruns...I've done it before, and I'm getting tired of a) comparing my results to that of the contestants who live in Weight Loss utopia and b) acting surprised when I already know the result of the weigh-in.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

til the break of dawn

grabbing about 38 and a half minutes of sleep wasn't the smartest thing, especially with work today. weighed in and i have lost 8lbs since starting this blog, so that means 42 more to go before the ball drops at the end of the year. heard back from the trainer and we'll see if he can "fit me in". I always wonder if that's a ploy to look more busy. Well, in case it is, I've talked to another (cheaper) one and we'll see if they'll get back to me. I have a ton of reading to do this weekend, but we'll see how far up the priority list it gets. Saw 'The Change-Up', a typical guys movie it was alright, had its funny spots. Jason Bateman was almost on my 'hit or miss' list. I'm so tired...still haven't started 'Solar' because I was up dancing and watching mindless TV. 'I Love You Phillip Morris' was funny, oh Jim Carrey. Goal by the end of 2011: watch a movie without paying too much attention to the physical shape of the stars in the film. Jim Carrey will be 50 by the time I've reached my goal and looks better than I do at 25. That's a calorie-free thought to chew on. Work time.